BC Islands Mensa

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Regular Events

Wednesday Lunches

This event occurs every Wednesday at a specified location For details see the Announcements page under the Upcoming Events heading.

Movie Nights

Some volunteer member organizes attendance at a movie for members.


Members gather at a member’s residence for an evening of fun and games. Volunteer organizer wanted.



This event happens every Friday, members and guests meet at a designated restaurant and time for an evening meal.


Members and guests gather at a the residence of the Hosting member for a potluck dinner and games/conversations.

Explore the World of Mensa

There are two ways to join Mensa:

  1. Take a supervised entrance test.
  2. Provide evidence of eligibility.                      Details at : mensa.ca/join/  Contact us                                                                                             for  more info.

Upcoming Special Events and Outings

Reminder: Potluck at Jim and Ute Grayson’s on Sunday 18 Sept.
Games By the Sea
Member Linda McAdams  is hosting a games event  on Thursdays 15 and 22 Sept. 2 pm to 5 pm. See Newsletter page for details.
The First BCIM Beach BBQ Picnic
The First Annual Mensa Beach BBQ Picnic went well with 24 people attending.  The only problem was the weather: cloudy and chilly during the picnic. We can’t predict the weather weeks ahead of time yet, so better luck next year! Please read the newsletter page for more reporting.
***Important notice***
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the 3rd Sunday Potluck has been postponed to 18 Sept. at the same location and time.
Sept. Events
Sept. third Sunday Potluck will be hosted by James and Ute (4870 Lochside Drive, Saanich) on the 18th at 5:30 pm. Fully vaccinated Members only.
August Events
Annual Mensa-Mixer BBQ Picnic
A non-alcoholic BBQ Picnic will be held at Gyro Beach picnic area, 27 August 2022, 1500 to 1900. Usual BBQ food ( Hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, green salad ) and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided free. Attendees may bring addition food and non-alcoholic drinks for their own consumption. Please bring eating utensils, blankets and/or beach chairs for your group. All members, family, friends and persons interested in Mensa are welcome, RSVP* is required to attend. COVID protocol conform to BC Provicial guidelines, masks are encouraged but optional. Some games will be available, attendees are welcome to bring more. A playground area is available for children.
Volunteers wanted for organisation and food preparation.
*Please send RSVP and offers to volunteer to gamay@shaw.ca, Picnic co-ordinator.
Organizers wanted for new events.
In discussions with some members, some more events were proposed:
–Monthly dinners at some location or restaurants on 1st Sundays.
–Monthly Dim Sum on 2st Sundays.
–Monthly Game Night.
Interested people please contact George at gamay@shaw.ca


Meeting called to order at 5 pm, 7 paid up members in attendance which provides a quorum.

There were no nominations from the floor so the previously nominated candidates were acclaimed:

LocSec:               Richard Lloyd 

Deputy LocSec:  George May

Treasurer:            Jim Grayson

Webmaster for bcimensa.org: George May, no other volunteers.

Treasurer’s Report: In addition to the previously published report it was noted that the most recently applied for membership rebate for BCI Mensa has not been received from the national office.

Outgoing LocSec report: In person events are not back to pre-COVID levels. Volunteers organisers were requested for TGIF, games night , Lunches, Monthly DimSums .

East Sooke Park, the southern tip of Vancouver Island.
Fulford Harbour, Saltspring Island.
Long Beach, Tofino.
Inner Harbour, Victoria.