2021 BC Islands Mensa AGM

Report on the Aug.2021 BC Islands Mensa AGM


The AGM was held at Jim and Ute Grayson’s residence. Meeting began at 1819 Hrs. and adjourned 1919 Hrs.
–Sandra Mattia stated that the AGM was illegal and cannot proceed because of numerous Bylaw violations, among which is that the AGM should have been held over a year ago. The general consensus is : Due to the Covid 19 restrictions the BCIM Chapter operations were suspended until it was safe to resume, a situation that was not covered by the Bylaw so that the delayed AGM was acceptable.
–Mary Freeman was nominated for Treasurer, Richard LLoyd for Deputy LocSec and George May for LocSec. Since there were no other nominations for any of the positions (in spite of months of website, Facebook and email encouragements), the positions were filled by acclamation.
–The next AGM is set for May 2022, It is hoped that the Covid 19 situation is resolved, and we can go back to our annual meetings. Until the next meeting we have to consider the problem of lack of volunteers for the executive positions and review the Bylaws in view of Covid and other situations. Any relevant suggestions welcomed.

George May, BC Islands Mensa LocSec

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