December Events

BC Islander Newsletter December 2021
Upcoming Events:

*There will be no Potluck event this month, members 
would be busy with family gatherings. Potluck Dinners
will resume in 2022. *a 1st Sunday DimSum event can be organised if we
have enough expression of interest. Please email your
LocSec. * Christmas dinner at Georges for fully vaccinated
Members 25 December 1700 hrs.
Please RSVP before 19 Dec. 2021.


Mensa is an organization run by volunteers, if you want it to be vibrant

and interesting you need to help out a little bit with events and executive

functions. If a lot of people contribute, it doesn’t take much effort

individually. Our next AGM is scheduled for May 2022 at which time

the positions of LocSec, Deputy LocSec, and Treasurer needs to be

filled, it would be nice to have new people come forward for these

positions. I am currently the webmaster for this website, a volunteer

for this position is also welcome. We also need reporters and

contributors for this website, volunteers please. Volunteer organizers

are also wanted for TGIF dinners, Wed. Lunches, games/movie nights.

The Pandemic is difficult for all of us. No in-person events were held

until July 2021, a Potluck Dinner at Mary Freeman’s. This Potluck

event is held 3rd Sunday monthly and so far every month, hopefully

the Omicron Varient will not prevent future in-person events. There

will be no Potluck this month because a lot of Members need to

attend family events.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

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