Aug. 2021 AGM and Potluck at Jim & Ute's

Members met at Jim and Ute Grayson’s residence  for the first AGM in 2 years, long postponed by the Covid 19 situation. Now we have most members fully vaccinated we can meet safely. Due to lack of nominations via email, Facebook, our website and  phone calls, nominations were made from the floor: Mary Freeman for Treasurer, Richard LLoyd for Deputy LocSec and George May for Locsec. There were no other nominees so these positions were filled by acclamation.

We had a great Potluck event, good food and company and we had a Mensan guest from Toronto, Mr. Igor Sokolov who was passing through Victoria on his post U of T graduation tour across the country and BC.

Regular Social Events Resuming!

I am happy to announce the resumption of our regular social events with a Potluck on 18 July 6 pm at Mary Freeman’s home.  Other events pending volunteer organizers. Volunteers please contact Webmaster.  (Use the contact form.)